“Every request is unique and can be equated with a headhunting process. A solution is like a candidate, it has to fit the philosophy and environment of the company and it has to comply with the requirements and expectations.”

With more than 10 years of experience in “total solutions” within the industry we can provide everything from cars, housing and catering. Everything is designed for the clients’ specific needs and requirements. Over time, we have been involved in several different projects, which is why we also know that no two customers are alike. The residents who is housed also has different requirements and wishes, and therefore it various from case to case.

A typical process would include a close dialog with the client to identify “target points” such as needs, requirements and wishes. These “target points” will be matched with the market to meet the clients’ criteria. 

This concept is used in all our processes; whether we need to find housing solutions, have a look at the clients’ current solutions as the clients’ consultant, or “total solution” where we assists with everything from the start of the approval processes by the authorities to the clients’ employees are ready for the project.

Common to all is that it takes place in a safe dataspace protected by NDA, to provide the best result for the client.


Where we are not World Champions, we are transparent.

Yes, this is true – no one can be the best at everything. We believe that it is important to be transparent when we are not the best in the world. To do this we have to acknowledge the market, our competitors and the opportunities provided. This is to ensure our client a 360 degree vision on their case.

As one of the few in the industry, our solutions are developed in cooperation with unions and the official authorities, to ensure that everything is done correctly and that our clients do not run into challenges.

  • Housing

    When external forces gives intrinsic value

    The general demand for flexible solutions within manpower means that we, as a supplier of accommodationsolutions, must be able to put together a product specific to each individual case, in order to make it easy, fast and cheap for the customer.

    We currently have one of Denmark’s largest portfolios of properties for this special purpose. If we do not have the solution on the shelf, we use the market via our network and find the solution based on the customer’s needs. Our setup means that we find the right thing for the customer, but at the same time at a competitive price.

    Over time, we have delivered fully furnished solutions for everything from 2 to 80 men at a time, and all the way down to DKK 65 per night. All our solutions are in accordance with the union as well as the authorities and something that you would actually like to live in yourself.

    When you choose M-Lau Living as your partner, you save resources such as time and money. We are with you from start to finish and ensure that your employees are satisfied so that they can focus on the task they have been hired for. We believe this provides value for our clients.

  • Advisory

    If you have already entered a collaboration with a third party and want to have checked that both leases and tenancies are in accordance with the legislation, M-Lau Living can also assist. 8 out of 10 actors in the Danish market do not know the correct legislation or simply do not choose to follow it. This can ultimately mean a larger penalty both for the landlord but also for the tenant.

    We have for a long time worked closely with both the authorities but also the unions, in order to ensure our customers that they act within the framework of the law. M-Lau Living therefore offers consulting advice to ensure that you do not take actions that further down the road will cost you unnecessary time and fines.

  • Made in Denmark

    As part of our advice, we also offer “Turn key” solutions to foreign players who want to come to the country and establish a department in the Danish market. Over time, we have helped companies to get a quick but correct establishment in Denmark. Everything from setting up a company to reviewing legislation on employees to the day-to-day running of the administration.

    M-Lau Living can also assist with either selling or re-letting the properties that may have been acquired during the operating period. This therefore ensures the best possible exit for the customer when the project is completed.

  • Total Solution

    If you do not want to establish a Danish division, but want a Danish partner who is responsible for everything, we can also do this with our “total solution”. Here we work closely with the customer to be able to deliver everything from transport and crew equipment to accommodation and food.



  • Fast and flexible which allows us to maneuver quickly in a project. We started with a pilot project and M-Lau Living is now one of our regular stable suppliers.

    T. Sørensen - Force Aalborg
  • Professional process, worked fast with in our targets until they found the solution.
    We also took them in as consultant on an ongoing project.

    M. Lawrence - ODC



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